Novena for Deacons: Day 8

Today we hold Brothers Brent Stull and Henry Hoffman of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, Cincinnati, in our prayers.

Heavenly Father, you have called Brother Brent, Brother Henry and their classmates to be heralds of your Gospel and to minister to your people, becoming the servant of all. May you continue to draw them ever closer to Your Son’s Most Sacred Heart so that, through their life of service to your Church and the working of your Holy Spirit, they may more clearly reflect your perfect love for all your children.

Prayer for Deacons

Lord Jesus, you came to serve, not to be served, form within us your generous spirit; 

FILL US with your love, that we may love the Father as you love him. 

FILL US with your compassion, that we may see our brothers and sisters as you see them. 

FILL US with your courage, that we may give our lives in service to the Church as you gave your life for her. 

FILL US with that Spirit which will make us preachers of your Word, ministers of your Sacrifice, servants of your Bride, friends of the poor, and the voice of the forgotten.

TRANSFORM US through your Holy Spirit so that we may transform the world into Your Kingdom of justice and faith.