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Additional Resources
Apostolate of Prayer for Priests
Apostolate of Prayer for Priests

The Contemplative Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood live their lives to support priests through their prayers. Each year we are given a calendar on which they have placed the names of one or two priests from our Archdiocese every single day. The sisters promise to pray for those men in particular each day of the year and ask that those throughout our Archdiocese join them in prayer. To help facilitate this year, we have scanned the calendar month by month. Feel free to print off these pages and add them to your refrigerator, your office wall or fold the paper and put in your Bible or other prayer book. For those in parishes, feel free to post this calendar of intentions in your parish vestibule or make copies for people to take home. Thank you for your prayers! Please remember to pray also for the Sisters who make this Apostolate possible.


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