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A priest does not stop being a man when he becomes a priest.

Priests are men. Whether you are called to married life or priesthood, chastity invigorates manliness and unifies the mind, body and heart. In contrast, an unchaste man soon finds his mind, body and heart at odds, leaving him feeling ashamed, weak, pulled apart. Perhaps more clearly than any other sins, sins against chastity tear apart the soul. Living chastely strengthens you. A priest needs strength and courage to be a provider, to be generous, to promote life. A man brings all that to the priesthood and the Lord’s grace takes all of those natural instincts, drives and desires and makes him into a Godly, Holy Priest. A Godly Priest, then, provides spiritual nourishment via the sacraments (especially the Holy Eucharist), he generously avails himself for the needs of his parish family, and he presents and defends the truth so that his flock “might have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10.

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