New View on Sex
New View on Sex
November 5th, 2010 by vocations

Last night, Ruah Woods sponsored Jason Evert to speak at the Underground, a Christian based club in northwest Cincinnati.  Jason is a well known Chastity speaker, traveling throughout the country, as well as internationally.  Listening to him, you can tell he speaks ALOT, and he speaks quickly, b/c he has a lot to get in.

He speaks in a way that young people can understand and appreciate; not condemning, but challenging them to live up to the standards that God has set for us, for this is the only way to achieve true happiness in both this life and the next.  Weaving in a mix of encounters he has had with teens across the country, Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body and the wisdom that comes from experience; he held the teens captive for an hour and half; no easy task.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to hear him speak (last night was a first for me), he and his wife Crystalina run a site to get the message out all the more, conveniently named  Please explore more, there.

While Jason’s talk focuses mostly on preparation for marriage (let’s face it, that’s where most of the teens were headed), he mentioned at the end that some in the group might be called to priestly or religious life.

Here’s where the connection comes between a chastity talk and vocations to the priesthood is made: the rampant nature of pornography, the promiscuousness of our culture, the sexuality foisted upon our young people at such an early age; all lead to concepts that they cannot live up to a call of celibate chastity for the sake of the Kingdom.  Even if that particular young person isn’t sexually active, so many of their friends and peers are; they might feel it is only a matter of time before they, too, fall in this way.

Developing habits of living a chaste life early on helps break these fears.  I think a quick aside to note the distinction between chastity and celibacy might be helpful.  Chastity is remaining pure in one’s sexuality, according to his/her current state in life.  Celibate Chastity is an offering one’s sexuality for teh sake of the Kingdom.  Every single Catholic is called to live a chaste life: for those who are not married, that means remaining pure in one’s dealings with the opposite sex, maintaining proper boundaries with friends and protecting the gift of one’s sexuality/virginity for your future spouse.  For a married person, a chaste life is in giving yourself completely, totally and exclusively to your spouse, as a mutual donation of self for the most intimate sharing that can happen between two persons and the gift of children.  For a religious woman, that orientation comes in marrying the greatest spouse: Jesus Christ, becoming a very bride of Christ and offering Him everything that you are.  Priests become wedded to their spouse: the Church, laying down their life so that others might live.  Priests and religious freely offer themselves complete, totally, exclusively to their spouse (Church and Christ, respectively) as part of their vow to live a celibate chastity.

The lesson from last night’s excellent talk: if we do not challenge our teens and young people to greatness, they will never respond.  When we do challenge them to this, they will respond in ways that will blow your socks off!

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