Priesthood Ordination Novena: Day 9
Priesthood Ordination Novena: Day 9
May 18th, 2018 by Wayne

Today is the last day of our novena for the men who are preparing for their ordination to the priesthood tomorrow, Saturday, May 19th. Today we ask that you join us in praying for all four men. They have asked specific prayers for the following intentions related to their future priesthood:

 Please pray for all aspects of my priesthood but specifically some of the big things that come to mind are trust, surrender, and uniformity to the will of God. – Deacon Craig Best

I would like to pray for the gifts of counsel, courage, and fortitude.
Some of these areas are ones in which I need to continually grow.   I also pray that I might have the ability to be a compassionate, honest, and merciful confessor. I know that I will have a lot to learn as a priest, but I also hope to give it my all, to Not be Afraid and to continually put out into the deep!  Please pray that I may be a holy priest. – Deacon Jacob Willig

Please pray for my priesthood to be blessed with the virtue of perseverance, especially during my future physical struggles. – Deacon Andy Smith

Pray that I will be a gentle and prudent minister of the Lord’s mercy.- Deacon Jarred Kohn

God our Father,
you appointed Jesus Christ High Priest of the new and eternal covenant.
By grace you allow men to share in this priesthood and in his saving work.

We ask you to pour out your Holy Spirit on our brothers, Craig, Jarred, Andy and Jacob, whom you have chosen for priesthood.

May they preach the Gospel worthily and wisely, celebrate the sacraments faithfully and reverently, and pray without ceasing. May they be united more closely every day to Christ the High Priest, who offered himself for us to the Father as a pure sacrifice.

Bless, sanctify, and consecrate the men whom you have chosen and called to the sacred order of Priesthood. Through the Holy Spirit make their lives worthy of the mysteries they celebrate.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Priest and Lord. Amen.

If you missed the other days of the novena, please click here.

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