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Priestly Celibacy

For those following that Twitter feed over on the lower right sidebar, you’ll see I have been spending the last few days at the University of Notre Dame attendinga conference and symposium on Priestly Celibacy.  With addresses from Archbishops to priests in formation work, even to a Vocation Director; the amount of information covered has been tremendous and will take several weeks to process and integrate into our work both here in the Vocation Office and in the Seminary.

A few highlights include the appreciation of the origins of priestly celibacy in both the Old Testament priests and, especially, in the spousal virginity of Christ.  Also, there was a clear emphasis that priestly celibacy does not demean or diminish the Church’s understanding and love of the sacrament of marriage.  Rather, priestly and religious celibacy enriches and enhances the understanding and theology of Marriage.

Luckily, the works of this symposium will be published by the University, which will give all of us an opportunity to reflect more deeply on the gift of ceilbacy for our Church, for our priests and for the ongoing work of salvation accomplished the priest lives out his celibaate life with great fruitfulness.

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