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Q from HS: Is the food good at the seminary?

Continuing our series of questions submitted by high school students during various presentations comes this frequently asked question: Is the food food at the seminary?

There are a couple of different ways to answer this, maybe I should let one of the seminarians weigh in?

On one level, the food at the seminary has to be mass produced, in that 50 or more all have to eat within a relatively short amount of time, so there is a certain ‘home cooking’ aspect that is missing from the Refectory (as we call the dining room) fare.

However, the cooks that are present at the seminaries we support all take their responsibility seriously and strive to provide meals that are cost-effective, healthy and appetizing.  There is also a variety of meals provided throughout the week, so that it is not just the same thing over and over.  This all helps to keep the menu fresh and changing, and I have to admit that I never went hungry when I was in the seminary.  However, an occasional trip out to a local restaurant or home for Mom’s cooking was always appreicated!

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