Searching For Answers
Searching For Answers

Who do I talk to?

Your pastor or other priests that you know. Then call your vocation director. It would be wise to seek out and regularly consult with a spiritual director.

I’m worried about telling people I’m thinking about the Priesthood?

Discerning God’s plan for one’s life is a deeply personal interaction between God and the individual. During the early
days of discernment, those involved often keep their thoughts and issues to themselves as they pray and think. As things progress, there typically comes a time when the individual will want to share their feelings, regarding vocation, with a close friend or family member. Such a “revealing” moment can bring both anxiety and excitement. If possible, seek out the thoughts of someone you trust, who has wisdom gained from experience and who holds genuine high regard for each of the vocational options before you. Seek guidance from a respected priest or religious member of your parish. It is wise to seek a spiritual director. As described in the practical suggestions section, a spiritual director should be selected with great care. Pray fervently to the Holy Spirit to guide you to the best director possible and find out as much as you can about the spiritual maturity of potential directors. Seek someone who is deeply prayerful, loves the Church, loves their own vocation and has a mature understanding of the struggles involved in moving closer to God.

As for what words to use, pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance and then trust that the words will come. The question of when is a tough one. Again, pray. When the process feels like it is not advancing in any direction, perhaps that is when to bring it to a spiritual director.

I pray to God for direction but don’t seem to get help. What’s up?

God doesn’t usually use thunder and lightning when answering prayers. The Lord answers in gentle, quiet ways, so first, pray for the love of God to be in your heart. Pray for the grace of holiness. Invoke the intercession of our Blessed Mother. Be patient.

What if I don’t feel worthy?

Every Priest struggles with the awareness of his own sinfulness, especially when considering the awesomeness of saying the words of consecration during Holy Mass or giving absolution. Don’t worry. None of us is worthy of this. It is the Lord who makes us worthy. Humility is an important quality, so if He wants you to do this, if He is calling you, He will give you abundant graces to fulfill the call.

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