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St. Francis de Sales

Today, the Holy Father continued his walk through great Doctors of the Church with today’s reflection on St. Francis de Sales [1], also Patron of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Under the title of ‘Great Master of Spirituality and Peace,’ the Holy Father focuses on the tumultuous time of St. Francis’ life as bishop of Geneva, Switzerland, in the immediate aftermath of the Protestant Reformation.  Even more difficult, Geneva was the center of the Calvinist movement, forcing Francis to spend many years outside his home diocese in exile.

Yet, despite the turmoil, he was a great master of the spiritual life, and his works continue to be read in introductory courses at seminaries and religious houses even today.

Let us all strive to be ‘Theopholis,’ the One Who Love God, that we, too, might be willing witnesses of the Gospel

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