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Vocation Stories: The Seminarians

The best ‘sell’ for potential seminarians are current seminarians. For the young man who is thinking ‘Is this for me?’ there can be a sense that the seminary is too far beyond reach, all the men are too holy, too much would be expected, etc. There are all kinds of barriers that men put in the way of their entrance to seminary.

In my own discernment of the priesthood, actually visiting the seminary was such a key moment in recognizing that the men there were just like me: ordinary guys called to something extraordinary.

[1]Our first ‘vignette [1]‘ features three of our men, each discerning his own call to the priesthood, how he arrived at the seminary, what he found once he got there, and how he has changed since he has entered the seminary. ¬†For those men thinking about entering the seminary, hopefully you will find some resonance in your own journey.

To view the full ‘Gift of the Priesthood’ video, click here [2].

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