Who is The Church Looking For?
Who is The Church Looking For?
List of Seminarian traits
List of Seminarian traits

Candidates for admission…should have attained, at least in some measure, growth in those areas represented by the four pillars or in the integrated dimensions of formation identified in Pastores dabo vobis: human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral. For Example:

Human Formation:

  • not only an absence of serious pathology but also a proven capacity to function competently in ordinary human situations without need to do extensive therapeutic or remedial work to be fully functioning;
  • a psycho-sexual maturity commensurate with chronological age;
  • a genuine empathy that enables the applicant to connect well and personally with others;
  • a capacity for growth or conversion;
  • a deep desire to be a man for others in the likeness of Christ.

Spiritual Formation:

  • a well catechized person;
  • prays daily;
  • belongs to a parish;
  • participates in the Sunday Eucharist;
  • regularly participates in the Sacrament of Penance;
  • drawn to explore and deepen his spiritual life and share it with others.

Intellectual Formation:

  • proven capacities for critical thinking;
  • an ability to understand both abstract and practical questions;
  • capacity to understand other persons and to communicate with them in both oral and written form.

Pastoral Formation:

  • having a fundamental sense of the Church’s mission;
  • a generous willingness and enthusiasm to promote the Church’s mission;
  • knowledge of how the ordained priesthood contributes to the Church’s mission;
  • having a sensitivity to the needs of others and a desire to respond to them;
  • having a willingness to initiate action and assume a position of leadership for the good of individuals and communities.

Right Intention:

The candidates’ intention to pursue preparation for priestly ordination and ministry ought to correspond to the Church’s understanding.

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Who is The Church Looking For?

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