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A Priestly Calling from a Father’s Perspective

There have been many times throughout my time in the Vocation Office when I have heard and even referred to the Domestic Church (CCC 1655-58 [1])┬áin encouraging parents and parishes to build up the faith lives of families. It wasn’t until recently, when I attended the NCDVD Convention, that this truly became personal.

I watched as young priests met fellow young priests from across the nation and shared what is working for them and what they need help with and all the while I was able to sit back and think, what does this all mean for me as a husband and father.

…The realization is that almost everything that was being taught in those workshops and applied to the priesthood in those homilies was also very personally applicable to my life…because I am a FATHER!

It is a very special vocation for a man to be called to the married life and to be entrusted with raising God’s children and I learned in a moment that week, that this vocation is truly, intimately linked to the priesthood. Go here to read the rest>>>> [2]

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