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A Tile in the Mosaic of Holiness History

With a tip of the hat to Rich Leonardi [1]for regularly pointing us to the wisdom of our Holy Father, my latest article over at Catholic Lane [2]looks a little deeper into Pope Benedict’s choice of words in giving us three simple rules for living our universal call to holiness.

These simple rules are as basic as they are compelling as they are difficult! The first rule, to experience Christ in the Eucharist every Sunday could have easily been worded, “Go to Mass on all Sundays,” and yet that doesn’t cut it for the Pope. As Catholics, we truly have the opportunity to receive Christ in our bodies every single time we attend Mass, but it is our openness to truly experiencing him and his passion, death and resurrection and all that His life entails that will open the doors to the grace hidden in the form of bread and wine on the altar. We need to EXPERIENCE Christ in the Eucharist, not just receive or see Him. An experience is something that sticks with us and, as the pope suggests, helps to mold us!

The other rules are much the same. (Read the rest —> [2])

Read Pope Benedict’s words here [3].

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