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Additional Resources
Parish Vocation Committees
Parish Vocation Committees
In mid-2005, parishes prepared plans on how to promote vocations, leading many to form Parish Vocation Committees (PVCs). The Vocation Office will assist and encourage parish vocation promotion plans in any way we can. This site contains numerous downloadable documents describing activities and events that PVCs can put into action at your parish, as well as links to other resource sites and addresses for catalogs of vocation materials. The Vocation Office has a number of PVC resources including posters, prayer cards, and copies of the inspirational, locally produced, video “The Man Behind the Collar.”

We hope the PVCs might, in part, function like scouts for sports teams, by encouraging those young people in their parish who have skills that would be valuable as a priest or religious to prayerfully consider such a path. If each parish were to get just one priestly vocation from their congregation once every 8 years, our Archdiocese will be in great shape for the future. It may take talking with and encouraging 50 young men in a parish throughout those 8 years to find one who discerns the call. The Holy Spirit will do His part, we must pray diligently and do whatever we can to help; and once one young man enters the seminary, more often follow.

If you are a member of a Parish Vocation Committee, you clearly desire to see more vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Please consider joining your local SERRA club, who work diligently to promote vocations (For Cincinnati SERRA, contact Lou Eichhold at; for Dayton SERRA, contact Bob Erhart at There is also the St. John Vianney Vocation Society through which people pray at home for vocations. There are no dues or meetings with the Vianney Society. It is run by Catholics United for the Faith in Dayton (contact Mike Goetz at to find out how to get a copy of their prayer book). Finally, consider looking into your local Knights of Columbus chapter, as they have always been tremendous supporters of vocations in America. These groups can use your energy in their good work, please prayerfully consider joining one.

Archdiocese Resources

Vocation Committee Guidelines
Components of a Vocation Recruitment Plan
Supplies available to Parish Vocations Commitees

100 Proven PVC Projects to Try

Traveling Crucifix Program

Stations of The Cross

Holy Hour for Vocations Guide

Vocations Websites

US Bishops Conference:

SERRA club:

Knights of Columbus:

NCCV – National Coalition of Church Vocations:

Guide to Religious Ministries

IRL – Institute for Religious Life

NRVC – National Religious Vocation Conference

Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious

Hispanic Vocations Support

World Day of Vocations Messages

    Pope John Paul II:

    Pope Benedict XVI:

United States Association of Consecrated Virgins

World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life Messages

    Pope John Paul II:

    Pope Benedict XVI:

Financial Support for Seminarians and Religious

    Knights of Columbus Vocations Scholarships and Seminarian Support Programs

    Laboure Society:

Seminary Websites:

    Pontifical College Josephinum

    Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary

    Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary

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