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Adopt a Seminarian!

It is rapidly approaching the end of the school year for this year’s batch of seminarians and the number of young men waiting to enter next year is just starting to firm up, so this really isn’t the most perfect time to post this for you parish vocation committees out there who are looking for a new idea to spark interest from your parish. However, now is the perfect time to start planning for next school year and this is one of my favorite ideas to propose to parishes: ADOPT A SEMINARIAN!

Having your parish adopt a young man in formation makes the formation process real to the people in the parish and it is relatively simple to orchestrate. Just contact the vocation office! We’ll get you in contact with a seminarian (of your choice or ours) and you decide with the seminarian the details of contact from there. A number of the guys receive letters from various parishioners throughout the year, some receive cards on their birthdays, and most of the time the parish pulls together a care package of sorts to send to him at least once in the year. In exchange, the seminarian will often write letters to the parish to be posted in the bulletin and at least once a year will come to visit the parish for a meet and greet in some form or another.

Through this process the parish gets to know a real person in formation who can tell real stories of life in the seminary and, in turn, receives real, visible support for his formation and discernment while in the seminary. It’s a win-win all around.

Of course, any project like this requires a few general guidelines and these are what I suggest:

Regarding care packages:

In the end, the adoption is not about getting the seminarian really cool stuff, but about showing him, with regular contact, that he means something to this local Church and that people are truly praying for him and are here to support him in his journey of discernment.

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