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Meet our New Seminarians!

Seminarian Poster 2015 [1]

Look at all those faces! The pictures keep shrinking! Praise the Lord!

As we enter National Vocation Awareness Week starting this weekend, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest seminarians for the 2015-2016 school year! Because of the prayers of the faithful throughout the Archdiocese, this class has tied the largest incoming class of seminarians in the past 30 years and we pray that the Lord continues to bless this Archdiocese with more young men who are willing to surrender their entire lives to the will of the Lord and that he leads them by his grace to the Holy Priesthood for which he made them.

New College Seminarians: men who are taking undergrad courses at a 4-year university while participating in seminary formation

Loren Hein [2]
Adam Hoying [3]
Ben Stegbauer [4]
K. Scott Morgan [5]

New Pre-Theology Seminarians: men who have graduated from a  4-year university with a degree in something other than Philosophy or Theology. The church requires that men have been grounded in philosophy before moving onto the study of theology. In addition to that, this time of pre-theology is also a time of spiritual preparation for major seminary.

Marty Arlinghaus [6]
Kevin LaMelle [7]
Steven Schreck [8]
Michael Willig [9]
Patrick Lorenz [10]

New Major Seminarians: These men have all the required philosophy courses and are ready to begin graduate studies in Theology.

Benson Lotiang’a [11]
Jeremy Stubbs [12]
Nicholas White [13]

To learn a little more about all 53 of our current seminarians, go to the Meet the Seminarians page [14]and see what they have to say about what drew them to the seminary in the first place and what advice they can give on how to deal with struggles in prayer.

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