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Who is The Church Looking For?

Among other things, men differ in personality, background, and habits. God has called men of just about every personality to be priests, from fiery spirits like St. Peter and St. Paul to quiet men like St. John and St. Francis of Assisi. He has called fishermen, scholars, farmers, writers, noblemen, commoners, doctors, lawyers, slaves, soldiers, and tax collectors. You name the background, God has called priests from it to serve him. To hear if God is calling, a man needs to develop virtuous habits such as humility, courage, generosity, and patience. Growth in such areas will prepare him well for whatever path God desires him to take.

There is no single personality type that is “best” for the priesthood. The Vocations director will meet and talk with you. He is basically looking for a good, well-rounded guy. He will look at your aptitude to gain skills to fulfill the requirements of the priesthood. St. Peter was an impulsive, emotional man with natural leadership skills, while St John was a quiet man with a tremendous contemplative mind. Pope John Paul II was an outgoing extravert while Pope Benedict XVI is a shy introvert. If it is God’s will that a man be a priest, then every talent God has given him will be used in his priesthood.

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