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Why vocation programs don’t work

Ever wonder what you can do to increase vocations to the priesthood and religious life?  Serra Clubs are built around the ideal of:





These four pillars certainly help, but unless there is something deeper present, it is just wheels spinning.  What is that source, the spring of water, that empowered Mother Theresa of Calcutta to do what she did?  How did John Paul II work so tirelessly in the mission of the Gospel?  What transformed a simple parish priest into a draw for hundreds of thousands in the person of St. John Vianney?

At their core, they were all first and foremost committed disciples of Jesus.  They sought after holiness as it was appropriate to their state of life.

This, then, becomes the basis for the outreach in all vocation/evangelization programs: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God!”  Then, and only then, will fruit be borne of the Kingdom.

This is the basis of the linked article below, which obviously piqued my interest intensely.

Why vocation programs don’t work [1].

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